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About Bonita Nuttall

Bonita Nuttall is a dynamic presenter with more than 20 years experience in virtually every facet of media communications. 

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Bonita's Story

International Inspirational Speaker. Former Investigative Journalist, TV presenter, pastor’s kid, gay woman. A coming-of-age Bonfire Story of coming out, and coming home to lead a more authentic, empowered life of passion, and purpose. 

At school, Bonita was that kid whose hand shot up the moment an oral exam or school play was announced. She was also that kid that pranged her Gran’s BMW the day before her final maths exam and got out of writing it!


Bonita does professional Speaking, MC’ing, Public Speaking Training, Mentoring, Coaching and Voice Overs.  For over 2 decades, she's presented herself professionally across a multitude of platforms, to a wide range of audiences. 


She's free dived with Tiger Sharks, interviewed gangsters in the heart of ganglands, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with sporting great, Martina Navratilova. 

Bonita's keynotes are a bit like getting a pep talk from your best friend, with heartfelt moments, big laughs, and just like when besties get together, there’s high-energy, bullet-proof hair, and memorable takeaways that leave you on a high note!

In her Coaching, Mentoring and Training programs, Bonita channel’s her over 20 years' worth of experience and expertise into helping leaders connect to connect to their authentic leadership voice through public speaking, and to Turn Up the YOU, in all they do!

If you're after some sparkle, energy and memorable connection to light up your next event, you want to nail your next talk, or strengthen your leadership, book Bonita today to help you do that.

Charismatic, engaging and at home with any audience, Bonita brings a genuine, delightful edge to any audience at any event, provoking in-depth conversation and fostering new perspectives.

~ Daria Williamson:  President Auckland Executive Club, Coach, Author

"Bonita delivered a keynote speech to the Auckland Executive Club on 'Turning up the YOU', and it was, quite simply, brilliant. Bonita's energy, passion, and compassion sparkled throughout her presentation. She was real, funny, and inspirational, and by the end of her time, she had everyone on their feet, laughing and energised.

If you're looking for a speaker who can get to the heart of the issue and encourage people to step up and bring more of themselves to the world, Bonita is the one you need. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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