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About Richard Foulkes

Business Owner, Networking Expert

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Richard's Story

After being in business for nearly 40 years, Richard is reaching his peak. It has been a circuitous route but he’s now almost an overnight success. 

He started out as an accountant, training he still clings to like a sailor to a life ring. 5 years working for a local authority, oil and water don’t mix, 5 years in the wine industry as a non-drinker (lifesaver), 9 years in the salon wholesale supply business in finance, marketing, and sales management then out in his own businesses since 2006.

Cafes, Collision Repair, Events, Concrete Fence posts, Gift baskets, and Goodie Bags, it's been a serial entrepreneurship journey that has ended up in cofounding a Software as a Service business. We-Integrate Ltd has clients throughout Australia and NZ and in 15 other countries around the world. 

The mistakes committed and accidental right decisions made could fill a book on their own but along the way, coming out of a school in South Auckland, he’s learned the power of networking plus where and how to network.

An internationally awarded leader in business networking,  his own business has been built on skills learned from networking and predominantly on business gained from networking.


A true believer in helping others so in turn you get helped, Business Networking needs to be used for the right reasons at the right time by the right people. So its not for everyone.


Is it for you? Come along to Bonfire and find out.

Richard's Key Take-Aways

What you'll walk away with from Richard's Talk:

How to network confidently, with very simple, but powerful shifts in perspective.

Raise the level of your business relationship building so that you can make the business connections you need.

Pitfalls to avoid, and clear, effective strategies to get you meeting the right people, every time.

How to overcome the icky part of networking and actually even enjoy it! (I know, hard to believe for some of us!)


How to Network like a Pro.

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